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Search Patient Documents for Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment with Aspen Forge Pro

forge pro for patient recruitment in clinical trials at clinical research sites

Are you a research site that wants to easily match candidates to trials through “searchifying” the text in your EMR, including all the documents attached to patient records? Aspen Forge Pro may be the right tool for you.  


The Aspen Forge platform is a game-changer for clinical trial recruitment professionals seeking to accelerate patient recruitment and improve study enrollment. Forge enhances your patient record search and trial matching capabilities by allowing you the ability to search for medical terms that appear within the connected patient EMR documents, not just ICD10 billing codes.  


For example
→ Once you’ve connected Forge to your EMR, you can search for:

Inclusion: “Women ages 18-35 on any contraceptive”
Exclusion: “on beta blockers”
(click search) 

→ Instantly generate a ranked list of de-identified EMR patient matches.

Within the list, view the featured text in the patient chart for where the I/E criteria have matched, simplifying the chart review process significantly.
With Aspen Forge Pro: this search will also scan all text in all pdfs and attached documents to match above I/E criteria.

→ Add or delete identified candidates for outreach and push the list to your CTMS. 

All Aspen Forge solutions enable research teams to: 

  • easily identify which studies to pursue with the Population Analysis feature,  
  • apply for study award by generating Feasibility Analysis results,  
  • find qualified candidates using the Candidate Identification feature, and  
  • track patient outreach with the Recruitment Workflow solution.  

With our enhanced version, Aspen Forge Pro, all features above are included PLUS the ability to: 

  • target higher quality candidates in less time by expanding your trial inclusion & exclusion criteria searches to include EMR patient document text, including PDFs, labs, etc. 
  • choose the best hosting options for your organization, whether in the cloud or a hybrid model. 


One Simple Platform for Patient Recruitment

Imagine being able to search the valuable data hidden within the digital documents of your patient records. Enjoy all the features of Aspen Forge Standard plus improve the quality of identified trial candidates by using our document search tool, which ingests data from your patients’ EMR documents and allows you to search through the text within. The Forge platform uses a vast library of ontologies & medical vocabulary and word associations to fine tune searches for targeting conditions, medications, etc. 


Secure Patient Data 

Need specific hosting options for your platform? With Aspen Forge Pro, you can choose to store your data in the Aspen cloud or choose a hybrid cloud option.  

  • Our data security methods are robust and third-party certified for HIPAA compliance. 
  • Data is encrypted and can only be decrypted by your approved and authorized Forge users. 
  • Physical & digital safeguards, extensive internal training, and a dedicated cybersecurity team keeps your data secure. 


Direct CTMS Integration 

Integrate your Forge instance to directly push your match lists and patient contact queues into your preferred CTMS platform.  If you utilize Realtime CTMS, request a connection through the marketplace, or reach out to us to learn more about our CTMS connectivity. Do not have a CTMS system? No problem, it is not required. 


Forge Pro revolutionizes the way clinical trial recruitment is performed by clinical research sites and coordinators, easing the burden that comes with traditional recruitment methods. 

To learn more about how Forge Pro can transform your patient recruitment process and accelerate enrollment, visit Aspen Forge Pro. Optimize your recruitment efforts, reduce study timelines, and exceed your clinical trial objectives with Forge Pro by Aspen Insights. 

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