Our software application provides standalone and integrated clinical research sites with an out-of-the-box solution for accelerating health care innovation.

Aspen Forge provides a means to dramatically increase clinical trial enrollment rates by using sophisticated

machine learning algorithms and electronic health records,

which enables accurate enrollment feasibility analysis, optimal candidate identification, and a streamlined recruitment workflow.

Industry Context

The delays in clinical research negatively impact pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies by resulting in significant loss in operational and opportunity costs.

Every day that the R&D phase extends, the price of treatment options for patients that may desperately need them increases.

Patient recruitment during the clinical research process is a key driver in these delays and is typically responsible for about one-third of the total cost of clinical trials1.

Industry benchmark data suggests that about two-thirds of patients recruited fail to pass the pre-­screening process2 alone, accounting for a considerable amount of wasted time and money.

Solving the Most Difficult Recruitment Obstacles

Enrollment Feasibility Analysis

Aspen Forge features intuitive solutions to assess your access to patients that qualify for a given clinical trial.

  • Advanced Candidate Search

    An easy to use search form allowing the user to input key inclusion and exclusion criteria associated to a trial.

  • Monthly Enrollment Simulation

    A monte carlo simulation with detailed outputs of likely arrival and enrollment projections, considering interest and qualification conversion rates.

  • Cohort Analysis

    A means to dissect a trial matching patient population by age, ethnicity, BMI, blood pressure, and more.

Optimal Candidate Identification

Aspen Forge alleviates the need for performing time-consuming, tedious searches through your EHR to identify the right patient for clinical trial enrollment.

  • Ordered Patient-Trial Match List

    Instantly be presented with a ranked list of highly probable candidates matching a clinical trial of interest.

  • Match Reasoning

    View a comprehensive reason for why each patient may qualify for the trial based on their medical record content.

Streamlined Recruitment Workflow

Aspen Forge includes a flexible workflow solution, complete with patient match review and triage, staff approval queues, a centralized recruitment framework, and CTMS integration.

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    Research Analyst

    Uses Aspen tools to identify trial candidates and perform feasibility studies.

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    Site Clinical Staff

    Reviews and approves potential subjects from match lists.

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    Patient Recruitment Team

    Engages patient and coordinates their clinical trial journey.

EHR System Agnostic

It doesn’t matter what EHR vendor you use. We have integrated Aspen Forge with a dozen EHRs that are commonly used by private practices, and this number is growing by the week.

You can also find our product on the Athena Marketplace, the largest EHR app store!


Aspen Forge is powered by our proprietary Clinical Annotation Engine, which enriches clinical text to bring meaning and context to unstructured data found throughout the healthcare industry.

If your use case does not align with the clinical trial enrollment problems solved through the use of Aspen Forge, you can license our Clinical Annotation Engine application programming interface. This will enable you to take advantage of this powerful technology and fit it to your specific business needs.

Do you have a use case that requires our technology and data science expertise? We can assist with the development of a custom solution to improve your key business objectives.

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