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Demonstrating what is possible with applied data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning for advancing healthcare and human performance.

Superior Clinical Trial Enrollment Through Technology


Aspen Forge

License our machine learning software to perform your own quick and easy cohort analysis,  feasibility analysis, and patient-trial matching.


Professional Services

Task us with providing feasibility questionnaire results and/or patient-trial match lists to improve clinical research objectives.


Custom Solutions

Request a custom solution based on our technology and machine learning expertise.

Accelerating Healthcare Innovation

Our suite of products and services target stakeholders throughout the clinical research domain.

Our machine learning application quickly and easily matches patients to clinical trials. It uses natural language processing and understanding to search patient clinical records for key trial qualification information. This application supports accurate enrollment feasibility analysis, optimal candidate identification, and a streamlined recruitment workflow.

We’re Serious About Security

We use advanced cyber security measures to ensure that your patients’ privacy is protected.


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