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About Our Company

Aspen Insights is a data science and artificial intelligence firm based in Fort Worth, Texas. Our machine learning software, Aspen Forge, uses natural language processing and understanding to search patient clinical records for key trial qualification information in order to match patients to clinical trials faster than traditional methods. Our software offers clinical research sites a robust solution to accelerate trial recruitment and healthcare innovation.

Our Company

Introducing Aspen Forge — Reshaping the Way You Recruit for Clinical Trials

Different metals [data] are combined to form alloys [collections] that have properties that exceed the performance of any component [data source] alone.

Alloys [data] are heated [transformed], welded [fused], and shaped [indexed] using fire [compute] and skill [skill].

Valuable artifacts [data products] are finished off and delivered.

Our Company

Aspen Forge is offered in three tiers: Standard, Pro, and Enterprise.

Aspen Forge features tools to support population analytics, candidate identification, feasibility analysis, and data analytics initiatives.

The Standard and Pro editions are for smaller sites and site networks and priced on a per trial basis that can be written directly into your study budgets. The Enterprise edition is for large hospitals and healthcare systems, includes various features tailored to your organization, and priced based on scope of customizations.


Accelerate the pace of healthcare innovation.


Unlock the power of healthcare data.


Innovative Excellence

We combine creativity, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence to deliver high-quality results, always seeking new and effective solutions to drive success for our clients.

Collaborative Integrity

We foster a collaborative and inclusive environment, valuing diverse perspectives and treating everyone with respect. We conduct ourselves with honesty, transparency, and integrity to ensure trust and accountability.

Solution-Oriented Mindset

We embrace a solution-oriented and forward-thinking approach, focusing on generating real value and lasting impact for our clients while empowering our team members with autonomy and freedom to take initiative.

These three value statements encapsulate our commitment to creativity, excellence, integrity, value creation, and collaboration, as we strive to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients and our team.

Our Leadership

Walter Storm | CEO

Walter Storm

Co-Founder and CEO

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Krag Browder | Partner

Krag Browder

Co-Founder and Partner

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Matt Landowski | Partner

Matt Landowski

Co-Founder and Partner

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Brianna Mckernon | Director of Operations

Brianna McKernon

Director of Operations

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Our Clinical Advisors

Dr. Ezekiel Fink | Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Ezekiel Fink

Chief Medical Officer, Cedar Health Research

Dr. Hampton Richards | President & Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Hampton Richards

President & Chief Medical Officer, Arbor Diagnostics

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