Professional Services

Our expertise in machine learning and technology can be leveraged in a multitude of ways across various industries and domains.

Feasibility Results

Do you need assistance predicting the number of patients that you will be able to enroll in a given study? We can provide you with data-driven feasibility results so that you can build trust with Sponsors and CROs.


Patient-Trial Matches

If you need help with candidate identification, we can provide you with a list of patients to target for enrollment based upon their clinical history.



If you have a technology problem that needs expert opinions for solutioning, we can assist by providing consulting services to help you achieve your desired goals.

Methods for Innovation

Our technology development methods are capable of delivering value to any business and industry.


Data Enrichment & Data Synthesis

Data engineering to synthesize order from unstructured data

Language Modeling

Natural language processing and understanding using ontologies and word embeddings trained with domain-specific corpora

Machine Learning

Innovative supervised and unsupervised approaches applied to real-world problems

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