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Accelerate Patient Recruitment with Forge Standard: Empowering Clinical Trial Recruitment Professionals

In the realm of clinical research, effective patient recruitment is a critical factor that directly impacts the success and timeline of research studies. Aspen Insights introduces Forge Standard, a cutting-edge patient recruitment solution designed specifically for clinical trial recruitment professionals. In this blog post, we will explore how Forge Standard simplifies the patient recruitment process, empowers recruitment professionals, and accelerates the enrollment of qualified participants. 


Centralized Patient Database: Candidate Identification 

Gone are the days of manually sifting through spreadsheets and multiple databases to find qualified clinical trial candidates. Forge Standard centralizes EMR data from multiple sources, allowing recruitment professionals to search through patient clinical record content with ease. With Forge Standard’s Candidate Identification feature, users can quickly match patients to trials by comparing text and structured data existing within patient clinical records to study protocol inclusion and exclusion criteria. Dramatically reducing the time spent on manually reviewing patient records, current research site users have experienced up to 66 hours saved in chart review during the recruitment process.  

Streamlined Patient Recruitment: 

Forge Standard offers an approach to track patient outreach, after the potential match list has been created. With its intuitive interface and powerful tools, recruitment professionals can efficiently identify candidates and add to their outreach queue. Additionally, the option for CTMS integration allows for seamless study tracking from patient matching to study execution. 

Advanced Population Analysis: 

No more guessing on who is in your patient population! Forge Standard empowers recruitment professionals to better understand their patient population with the Population Analysis tool.  By leveraging demographic, medical history, and geographical data, the population analysis dashboard can offer deep insights into your patient diversity including age, race/ethnicity, gender, and more.  Using the inclusion and exclusion criteria advanced search, population analytics can be used on filtered groups, as well to support Feasibility Analysis. 

Data-Driven Feasibility Analysis: 

The Feasibility Analysis tool allows your recruitment and clinical teams to identify the most relevant patient populations for specific studies within your own EMR. Within the Forge Standard platform, quicker & more accurate feasibility analyses can be generated based on the information found within your patient records.  Forge Feasibility Analysis can simulate enrollment projections based on complex inclusion/exclusion criteria found anywhere within the patient record, age ranges, condition frequency, whether the condition is acute or chronic, to name a few. These insights can help refine recruitment strategies, optimize outreach efforts, and ensure the recruitment of qualified patients, ultimately expediting the enrollment process.  

Compliance and Data Security: 

At Aspen Insights, patient privacy and data security are of utmost importance. Aspen Insights adheres to comprehensive HIPAA regulations and stringent data protection standards, ensuring that patient information remains confidential and secure.  Our team is well trained on HIPAA security standards as well as the cyber kill chain, serving as a first-line of defense against cyber threats. In addition, all Protected Health Information is securely encapsulated within a zero-trust network infrastructure, defending against unwarranted cyber traffic. To guarantee thorough security measures are taken as Aspen, we partner with the experts at Ironwood Cyber to perform a detailed risk analysis, risk mitigation, training, and threat protection. Ironwood Cyber brings effective cybersecurity solutions and world-class expertise together to help protect our critical systems and data from today’s cyber threats. Recruitment teams can rest assured that sensitive data is being managed and protected throughout the recruitment process. 

Forge Standard by Aspen Insights is a game-changer for clinical trial recruitment professionals seeking to accelerate patient recruitment and improve study enrollment. It enables research teams to easily identify which studies to pursue with the Population Analysis feature, apply for study award by generating Feasibility Analysis results, find qualified candidates using the Candidate Identification feature, and track patient outreach with the Recruitment Workflow solution.  

Forge Standard revolutionizes the way clinical trial recruitment is performed by research sites, easing the burden that comes with traditional recruitment methods. To learn more about how Forge Standard can transform your patient recruitment process and accelerate enrollment, visit Aspen Forge Standard.

Optimize your recruitment efforts, reduce study timelines, and exceed your clinical trial objectives with Forge Standard by Aspen Insights. 


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